Frequently Asked Questions

Ketamine at Alchemy Wellness

At Alchemy Wellness, we respect your privacy and provide a safe and relaxing space to experience the restorative effects of ketamine. All of our patients receive their infusions in a private room, in comfort. We take pride in empowering our patients with knowledge for transparency, safety and satisfaction.



Understanding your unique needs and health background is invaluable to the delivery of optimal care and service.


A mood disorder session includes an assessment, 50 minute treatment, and 30 minute recovery period.


A chronic pain syndrome session includes an assessment, 4 hour treatment, and recovery period.

* Special pricing for veterans, first-responders, and healthcare workers.
Schedule your appointment and fill out patient forms online through the patient portal or call us at (804) 993-3039.

All payments are due prior to each treatment, unless we have agreed otherwise in writing. Cancellation fees apply to appointments cancelled or rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice telephonically. The fee is $250 for treatment sessions, $50 for consultations, and are charged to the credit card on file. Read our office policy here.


We offer 14 month interest-free financing to qualified individuals through the Advance Care card. Please allow one week for application processing. Learn more here.


For Depression, Anxiety, OCD and PTSD, it is recommended that you complete 6 infusions over 3 weeks, followed by booster infusions when you need them. The frequency of the booster infusion will differ depending on the patient’s condition and response to initial treatment. On average, people generally need one every 2-3 months, but some are able to go much longer without needing one. Alchemy Wellness uses a daily text program to monitor your mood and help determine the timing between infusions.


Chronic pain syndromes are more difficult to treat and require a very different protocol. These infusions are four hours long and occur several days in a row. During these infusions, we may add additional medications, such as magnesium or lidocaine, tailored specifically to your needs and response to therapy. After the initial schedule of 3-5 infusions, subsequent booster infusions will be on an as-needed basis.

We are now utilizing medical insurance to help alleviate some of the financial burden! Please call us for more information.
No. We would like you to bring any type of documentation that you have from your primary care, pain specialist or psychiatrist concerning your diagnosis and past treatment. It is recommended that your physician be aware of your plans to start Ketamine infusions. We will have you fill out a medical information release form that allows us to communicate to your other providers.


A full and accurate medication list, allergy list, and any diagnostic/treatment information from prior physicians. It is recommended that you bring a family member or trusted friend to help you understand if ketamine is right for you.


We recommend you wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Most patients prefer to listen to music during their infusions. Some prefer to watch videos. So, please feel free to bring your portable electronic devices and ear/headphones. We have guest WIFI available.

No. You should continue to take all your medications as scheduled, including your medications for pain and depression. You may find a decreased need for these meds after your infusion; however, you should work closely with your doctor to slowly and safely wean off these medications.
Due to a common side effect of nausea, please do not have anything to eat four hours prior to your infusion appointment or have anything to drink two hours prior to your appointment. We offer beverages and snacks that you may enjoy after your recovery period.
Any severe hypertension, severe heart disease, evidence of street drug abuse (cocaine, amphetamines or opiates), schizophrenia or psychotic disorder, or manic symptoms during your physical exam will prohibit you from receiving Ketamine.
No, your wellbeing and safety are extremely important to us. Ketamine can impair your coordination, attention, and decision-making capacity. We require you to have someone to drive you home BEFORE starting the infusion. We also ask that you refrain from operating heavy machinery, avoid strenuous activities, or make any important decisions for the following 12 hours.
We offer a daily ‘check-in’ via text message to ensure treatment progress and ultimately success. Alchemy Wellness uses Osmind, an easy, secure and reliable mood monitoring app designed specifically for ketamine patients.