5 Things to Consider Before Your Next Booster

5 Things to Consider Before Your Next Booster

The ketamine experience for mood disorders and pain syndrome treatment will vary from person to person and session to session. Additive to a person’s biology, non-pharmacological factors such as physical, mental, social, and environmental play a role.

We don’t recommend trying to control or prepare for every single contributory element before, during, or after a ketamine session. It’s not realistic and can be overwhelming.

We do recommend being open to exploring various techniques that contribute to an open and positive “set and setting” aspect of the psychedelic experience. Here are five considerations to optimize your next booster treatment.

Ketamine booster considerations

Don’t Wait Until Your Symptoms Are Debilitating To Seek A Booster Treatment

Clinical research studies indicate that booster intervals can range from every two-to-four weeks or even two-or-three months. The key is maintaining a regular schedule that optimizes and maintains your treatment response. We incorporate mood-tracking technology to assist with symptom tracking and trend analysis. It is important to recognize that life-changing events, seasons, and external stressors may not follow a typical pattern, resulting in treatment modifications.

Take A Pre-treatment Device/media Break

Abstain from consuming the news and/or social media 24-48 hours prior to your treatment. Consider filling this void with physical movement (walking, yoga, etc.), meditation, or journaling. Arrive with a mind free of media/online clutter and chatter!


Arrive with an intention for the day’s session.

Keep it simple and arrive with an intention. It can be anything you want to focus on that day: gratitude, relationships, a particular emotional struggle, etc. Sky is the limit!

Schedule post-treatment self-care

Arrange for some self-care afterward. Keep the good things going! When you feel better, you can do better for yourself. Which will make you feel even better!

Explore a new treatment sound experience

Try going with something other than music, for a change. One of our patients found that if he listened to Tibetan bells, for instance, he found that he had much more control over the experience and was less a ‘passenger’ to the music-driven experience.

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