Richmond’s innovative infusion clinic for mood disorders, pain & wellness.

Restorative Relief · Optimal Health Performance
Compassionate & Effective Treatment In A Safe And Relaxing Space

Ketamine Infusions &
Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Path To Wellness
We restore hope for individuals living with mood disorders and pain.

Medical Conditions that May Benefit from Ketamine

Steps to Restorative Relief


Connect with our team, receive an in-depth candidacy assessment and customized treatment plan.

Preparation Therapy

Talk therapy session to prepare for work with the medicine, set expectations, and create intentions.


Achieve rapid and prolonged relief with ketamine infusions under expert guidance, with optional Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy.

Integration Therapy

Talk therapy session(s) to help process content from treatment sessions and incorporate into everyday life.

A Healing Space

The Place To Get Well
Learn about our physician-led clinic.

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